Estate Planning – The Shift Towards Conflict

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There’s more to estate planning than the usual will. While a simple document could have been sufficient for past generations, the modern male or female needs to take a closer look in the estate planning process, should they be to stop years of legal dispute and infighting among their heirs and beneficiaries.

There are numerous trends which factor into this shift towards increased conflict in probate matters. Not every they are recent, however combined effects are undoubtedly being felt more in the modern era than at every other period in history.

A general change in “Family” Values

One of these factors is the loosening of the traditional nuclear family. Stuff that was previously taboo – divorce, children born out of wedlock – have become commonplace, if not universally accepted. As a result, family the relationship has become increasingly complicated and strained. When people divorce and remarry, they essentially broker a “merger” between two independent family units with some other backgrounds and interests. The issue becomes much more unclear when illegitimate children born of affairs or failed relationships are thrown to the mix. Additionally the decline in the admittedly unequal but simple system of primogeniture, and it’s also easy to see how disputes over inheritances could arise away from such a situation.

For an individual considering estate planning, a tangled web of relationships can be a daunting obstacle to conquer. What is one to do? Is it moral to favor an illegitimate child more than a legitimate one? If your children of an initial marriage be given precedence over the kids of subsequent unions? These are merely a few examples with the thorny questions that needs to be answered by an effective estate plan. Unfortunately, even when carried out with the top intentions, the allocation of such assets to this particular heir or that one often ends in hurt feelings and bitter legal disputes over objects of little monetary but great sentimental value.

The cash Factor

In recent decades, society all together has evolved an even more money-centric mentality. Using the introduction of conveniences for example credit cards, shopping online, as well as other methods to spend without immediate repercussions, people are very likely to result in debt or as a minimum in financial troubles. Consequently, current generations also are apt to have less savings and much less financial security than others before. While disjointed family relationships may take into account disputes over sentimental items, the modern money-oriented attitude may lie the hub of disputes over assets with high economic value.

Due to the emphasis that modern women and men put on money and monetary worth, someone interested in estate planning have to take careful stock of her or his assets. Even if this may not be capable of avoid conflict in the future, it’s going to at the very least stave off any misunderstandings depending on inaccurate or unclear knowledge of ones own property.
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